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IEEI - A Portrait

"The International Exchange of Experience on Insolvency Law (IEEI)"

Source: www.pixelio.de

Who has it not already experienced and suffered from it: International Conferences are often ponderous and little productive. Long-winded reports as well as the frontal situation between speakers and auditory demand a high concentration of the listener. Subsequently, no or too little time remains for questions or discussions. 

In contrast to the reports the conference breaks and the further informal meetings at the side of the conference are of utmost interest. Here, accompanied by a hectic business card exchange, personal contacts can be made, discussions can be held and national law systems can be compared. Unfortunately those opportunities are too short and the contacts only cursory.

In order to make the advantages of informal personal discussions on a specialized level durably usable, the Ministry of Justice of the German land of North Rhine-Westphalia in the year 2000 founded the "International Exchange of Experience on Insolvency Law" (IEEI).