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Utilization of the results

Source: www.pixelio.de

The IEEI and its colloquia provide valuable views of the international insolvency law and of national insolvency law systems of other states as well as their solutions. The idea of a direct, efficient and above all trusting exchange of information is realised not only by the colloquia, but particularly by the email contacts between the members of the IEEI. The aim of the IEEI would be missed nevertheless, if its contents were not transferred into results which can be used concretely by the participating countries. Therefore the topics of the discussions are always selected carefully by the participants under the criteria of practical relevance for their own work. This positively affects their usability. 

A prominent example is the discussion about the legal regulation and the selection of the insolvency administrator. This issue has been discussed in Germany for a long time. Several working groups were concerned intensively with this problem. The meaning of this difficult topic and the vehemence of the discussion did not only require its careful treatment, but - on the search for suitable solutions - also the view over the national borders. The network of the IEEI could be profitably used. Within short time extensive information was gathered and evaluated from several European and non-European countries. Not only the whole variety of the selection systems, but above all also the problems connected with them showed up. This basis put the working groups into the position to weigh and to represent comprehensively the pros and cons of the different alternatives. Similar effects of the IEEI's work are reported from other countries. Thus the results of the Viennese colloquium had influence on the Finnish "Government Suggestion for a New Bankruptcy Law". From the South African "Law Commission" a lot of information on the insolvency laws of the other IEEI-countries has been requested to be used for the insolvency reforms of that country.

There are further examples of the practical use of the IEEI-work, which cannot be mentioned here for time reasons. However one key function of the IEEI regarding international institutions and meetings shall not remain unmentioned. The members of the IEEI are in touch with numerous other organizations, which carry out insolvency law projects on the international level. Thus several members of the IEEI have attended the "Global Judges Forums" of the World Bank and the Judicial Colloquia of UNCITRAL and INSOL INTERNATIONAL. They gave extensive reports on the situation in their countries, participated in panel discussions and informed about the IEEI. In so doing they opened a channel of information between these international organizations and meetings on the one hand and the IEEI on the other hand for the profit of both sides.